Thursday, August 14, 2008

Update on John

John is now 16 days old. Time seems to move much faster now that my other kids are home. John has now settled into more of a pattern of nursing every 3 hours during the day and once before bedtime (which is about 1:00 a.m.)and then again at 5:30 or 6:00. He is getting to where he will wake up on his own when he gets hungry. He has done really good and so we feel like we can stop worrying about him getting enough food.

He continues to be more active and alert more often which my other kids make sure of that. He continues to enjoy his daily playtime in his little jungle gym. His favorite things to do is to lay on his back and kick the rattle while looking at himself in the little mirror that hangs from the top.

I still try to have my time with him to work with his neck extension exercises while on his belly. I mentioned the last time that I was going to use the ball but I find that I have better results with him on my chest. This not only gives him a warm body to relax on but he is motivated to hold his head up to look at me and find my voice.

I also know that since he does have this diagnosis of DS, both Joy and I are a little more watchful of potential problems. And I must admit, sometimes we are unrealistic as to what is a problem and what is not. Sometimes you just want to relax and let them develop naturally but it has been our experience that intervention should not be delayed. We just try not to overreact with our identifying of delays.

I have current pictures that I will post tomorrow. Tonight was my last class meeting for my 4th class so this week has been difficult for me to fit in the blog.

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Larkinsmom said...

Jay and family, I promise you that these early feelings and growing pains of adjustment do get better as you move in time. John will change you all for the better as I am sure you already know.

Our children come to us for a reason and sometimes we don't realize or know what that is right away.

You are an amazing writer, father, family. Keep the faith because it is all OK.