Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lessons Learned

Today was a difficult day for all of us, yet a learning experience for Joy and I. John was very lethargic today and slept most of the day (even after sleeping 6 hrs straight last night). It was just very difficult for us to wake him, even to eat. This really concerned us. Even if we got him awake, he would just stare into space and not focus on us. But once we stripped him down to the diaper and gave his skin stimulation with either our hands or toys, he came alive. He would wiggle and try and lift his head off the floor.

This alleviated our fears that something bad was going on with him. But it also showed us the importance of stimulation. Unlike a child without DS who is able to self regulate his awake and sleep time, he doesn't seem to be able to do that. He would rather sleep and do nothing as to eat or have play time. Joy and I are beginning to see that we are going to have to regulate for him.

I guess one thing that has made today tough for us is that we are probably still having unrealistic thoughts about how much he is affected. Well, today we got more of a glimpse into his DS than we had seen before. It makes my heart ache for him. I just pray the Lord to protect him and to give Joy and I peace and an understanding of how to best meet his needs.

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jpaulga said...

I am sure there will be more days like today. I know each one will have its blessings and eye openers. Julie and I are with you guys and love to see and read about John Austin. We cannot wait to meet him. Thanks for sharing with all of us and thanks for bringing this little bundle of joy into this world so we can all share our love with this neat little guy.