Thursday, August 28, 2008

4 week update

Time is going by quick and it is hard to believe that John is 4 weeks old. He continues to do very well in all areas. He is still breastfeeding and eats like there is no tomorrow. His weight as of last Monday was 8lbs. 3oz. which is a weight gain of 9.5oz in 8 days. I think it is safe to say that he has this breastfeeding thing down.

We have started to prepare him for when Joy goes back to work by giving him a bottle periodically just to get him used to it. So far, he has done pretty well with this. He is not resistant to taking a bottle but it is difficult for him to get the nipple in the right spot in his mouth. But with a little patience and working with him, he is catching on.

He continues to have his tummy time either on the floor or on my chest. His endurance with this is increasing but he still complains and would rather be on his back. His head control is improving as he continues to lift it higher off the ground. He is also beginning to stabelize his head when we are holding him upright or sitting position.

He enjoys dancing to the music and us singing to him. It fun watching the way he tracks us with his eyes. It's as if he is trying to sing with us. He is beginning to smile at us and have facial expressions which can be comical at times.

So far, John has developed just the same as our other 4 children have and so we treat him no different. There may be a day when we hit an obstacle, which we will then meet that obstacle head on. But for now, we try to only focus on today, yet we continue to be mindful of the milestones and his progression.

Joy continues to gain strength. She has about 4 weeks until she returns to work. Right now, she is enjoying being home with John and taking him for stroller rides. It is difficult though when people confront her with the Ds issue. It is difficult to know what to say so we usually just change the subject and talk about things he is doing. We are determined that Ds is not going to be his identity - John is our son and a brother to his siblings. We continue to pray that the Lord will walk with him and protect him. We know that this diagnosis will not get in the way of what the Lord wants to accomplish in and through this little boy.


RK said...

I just wanted to pop over and say hello on your blog. I really enjoyed reading the perspective that comes from your background, both you and Joy. What a great thought, that God will accomplish his plan for John regardless of his chromosome count, for He knew long before he was even a thought. Blessings to your family!

Leslie said...

I'm so sorry I am just getting to see your blog! John is so precious...and brings back so many memories of Jack. Enjoy him...he is a blessing. We don't even see Ds anymore...just our amazing little boy! I look forward to watching John thrive and grow! :)

Syncopa said...

It brings back so many memories when I read about your John and how he's growing and developing. My Bene is 8 years old now, and I miss her baby days! She reads, writes her name and approximately 20 other words, knows the numbers up to 20. She is learning how to swim and operates her computer as if it was the easiest thing in the world to install a game, open it and start playing.
Never let anyone tell you what John can and can't do. He'll do it all - in his own time. And rest assured, you will celebrate every milestone, every new skill in ways you never have before. My daughter is my hero in so many ways; her perserverance is beyond anything I've ever known. If I can only work half as hard as she does, I'll be proud.