Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sibling Response

Today was the first full day that our other 4 children have been home with John and I might add, they have done a good job in helping and wanting to be involved in his care. They have all enjoyed taking their turn holding him. George who is our 10 yr. old has helped with changing diapers. They have also helped keep him awake more today which we are hoping that this will make him sleep more tonight but I'm sure that is wishful thinking.

He continues to do well with breastfeeding. Today he has averaged about every 2 1/2 -3 hours. We are pleased with this and Joy continues to remain focused on breastfeeding as long as she is able. Understanding that children with Down's syndrome are more susceptible to infections, the protection of Joy's anti-bodies will go a long way to help John. And Joy has been exposed to many infections throughout her career as a Pediatrician.

Our Physical Therapy sessions continued today as I began working with him on the ball. Usually, I will work with him on the floor but today I wanted to begin the ball as it is better contoured to his body and is better conducive for neck extension. I notice that he is not as motivated to get his head up as my other kids but he tries hard. I would rather have his attempts at this than to have him be content to just lay there. One thing that I have noticed with him (and I know that I will have to provide video to substantiate this with some of you) but when I put him on his belly on the floor, he is learning to roll over on his back. Doing it one time, I would have called it a fluke, but this is the third time that he has done this. So we just keep working with him where he is and give him what he needs.

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