Monday, August 11, 2008

Pressing Onward

Here I am again, up at 1:00 am with John. He has decided that he wants to eat again. He has played and ate real well today (about every 2-3 hours. I think he must have heard me put out that challenge when I was talking with the Dr. last Thursday when I said that I'd like to see him at 7lbs 5oz by Monday. The Dr. told me that that might be a little unrealistic for him - we'll see tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also the day that our house and John's world will change. Our other 4 children will be coming home from cousins and Grandparents house where they have been for the last 10 days. We are ready for them to get home, but poor John who has lived the life of an only child for those days will be showered with continuous love and attention. They will provide lots of stimulation for him and enjoy spoiling him. I am so glad that our other children love him so much

They know about his Down syndrome diagnosis and some of the issues that are associated with the syndrome but they also know that God is in control of our life and He will protect little John just as He has for the past 9 months. Our kids have been faithful in praying for John - that he would be as healthy as possible which we feel like we have.

Thanks again to my sister and Dad and Mom for keeping my kids for these days. We have learned to care for John and it has also given Joy time to heal. We love you all.

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