Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brief Update and Prayer Request

We just returned from the clinic for another visit to see his Pediatrician. He is not gaining weight as fast as we had hoped and we had him circumcised today. His circumcision went great with no problem for him - he slept through it all. The real problem is that his weight was 7lbs 1.5 oz which on Monday he weighed 7lbs 1oz. Our goal is about .5 oz/day. I would like to see him gain 1 oz/day but you know me. Physical Therapist always seem to want more. His next clinic visit will be Monday for a weight check.

Like I said before, he is nursing well and he is making plenty of wet diapers so he getting plenty of liquids but he is just not nursing long enough to get the hind milk of the breast milk which is where most of the calories are.

Just pray that we will find a way to get calories into him. We have several options that we are going to try. Thanks again for your prayers.

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