Friday, August 15, 2008

From the Eyes of a Sister

I didn't think that a baby would be so fun. John is really funny sometimes.He really likes his jungle gym. He likes the mirror on it too. He's really fun to play with and I like to hold him. When he is in the jungle gym, he likes to kick the rattle and look at himself in the mirror. He likes to sleep in his pillow. His hair is really soft and fuzzy.

Yesterday, we put him in the stroller and went for a walk down the street. I pushed him half-way and Jeremy pushed him the rest of the way. He was asleep in his stroller at the beginning of the walk and then he woke up. He likes being outside and I like taking him for walks.

I love him a lot and like to hold him. Its fun when he makes faces in his sleep. He's like our alarm clock on school days because he wakes up and cries. That's why I hope he stays with us for the rest of his life.


jpaulga said...

John is very lucky to have you as a sister. I know he is going to love being taken on walks and love all of your attention. He is very lucky to have you in his life. He is going to look forward to you coming home from school and playing with him.

You are an awesome sister. Can't wait to see him

Julie B. said...

Jay and Joy, Thank you sooooo much for letting me snuggle w/ your beautiful little John tonight. He is an absolute love! I will bookmark the blog to remind me to keep praying. Your journal will be a great to keep up, but to also be an encouragement...not only to those w/ a kiddo w/ DS, but to all of us, because we are seeing your faith in action!

Angela said...

I just found your blog (from and wanted to tell you that you have a beautiful family.

My husband and I are new to this journey, too, and God has taught us so much already. Our second son, Benjamin, was born on April 24with Down syndrome. We did not know until about an hour after he was born, so we are still kind of adjusting to the news.

Benjamin has two heart defects that will require open-heart surgery in the next month or two. While that may sound scary, now it's just a part of life, you know? God has given us so much strength and a whole new perspective.

Benjamin, too, is a good breastfeeder. It is *such* a blessing!! My first son, Andrew, wsa a horrid nurser (for no apparent reason) and it was like wrestling an alligator every time I tried to feed him for NINE MONTHS until I quit. But Benjamin, despite the obstacles that go along with his DS, is a great nurser. The stinker won't even take a bottle (or a paci).

Anyway, I would love to add your blog to the list of blogs on my site if that's okay. I will add you guys to my prayer list.

Feel free to email if you would like.

God bless,


Nicole said...

Congrats! You have a beautiful family! I really look forward to getting to know you all better and to sharing this journey with you. :)

boo4baby said...

Julie, You are a sweet big sister! Thank you for the card that you left in my room before you left. I LOVED having you here with us. I love you and know that you will be a big help to Mom and Dad as you help care for John Austin. Love you, Julie!

Diana said...

You have an adorable baby. I am also the parent of a DS child. Her name is Christina. I found out using the same procedure your wife had of Christina's syndrome. Emotional Adjustment was pretty hard to concieve. We had two other children, and after 10 years of trying to have another baby, it was born special. Christina is now 3 years old and started school already. She loves it. Her charismatic personality attracts everyone in the school, bus, our friends, and our family. I feel blessed to have a special child. It has been said that it takes a special parent to have a special child. And if God sent us this special babies its because he knows we have the strength to face life with them and for them. Congratulations on your beautiful baby and Good Luck. May God bless you and your family. Feel free to e-mail and share experiences.