Saturday, August 9, 2008

Surpassing the goal

Okay, so maybe we overreacted a little when we were told he needed to be at 7lbs 3oz by Monday. We took him by clinic this afternoon to weigh him and his weight was 7lbs 3.5 oz. We were both very pleased with his progress. Maybe now we can stop worrying and let the boy sleep. His progress was also gave Joy confidence that she wasn't failing in her breast-feeding efforts and gave her the encouragement to go forward which is our goal- to go forward with breast-feeding.

Even though we are pleased with his progress, Joy and I both know of some of the potential issues that children with Down syndrome face and it is our goal to give our little John the healthiest start to life that we are able to give so that he may be able to ward off anything that is lurking. We know that with the Lord's protection and guidance, your support and our love and work, we know that he will get that. Your support does mean a lot to us as we have heard from a lot of you via email, cards, phone calls and even bringing in meals for us. Thank you.

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