Thursday, October 23, 2008

Leave It To A Dad

I thought that I would share this light-hearted experience here since it was very funny to my wife and will probably be remembered around here for a while.

The other morning as we were all getting around breakfast and preparing to leave for work and school, I quickly pulled a onesie out of the drawer for John and put it on him not noticing that anything was out of the ordinary. We went on our way and did our usual daily tasks. I even went in at school to pick them up for school and said hello. John is usually the center of attraction at our school and moms just can't resist holding him and passing him around which John is very agreeable.

When my wife got home, she asked who put this onesie on John to which my children quickly pointed to me. She laughed and said that he had it on backwards. He had been like that all day and either no one noticed it or didn't want to tell me I had messed up. I assume it to be the former because some of the Moms that I know are not afraid to point out to a Dad like me when I have "misdressed" my child.

But he was fine. Other than going through the day with a wedgie, no harm was done.


Jeanette said...

Too funny! Take heart that us mom's are guilty as well. I have SO been there. It's a good thing that he had on a diaper to avoid too much of a wedgie. =0) My poor kids have gone to school in mis-matched outfits. I have packed lunches only to leave them on the counter. ugh! I have also packed water bottles and left the formula at home.

Becca said...

Ha! That's so funny! Yes, those moments will become plentiful as time goes on. I put Samantha to bed a couple of weeks ago and forgot to put a diaper on her! Then there was the time I sent her off to school with her shoes on the wrong feet.

Renee said...

That is so funny. One dad who attends our church brought his two year old little girl to sunday school in a new dress. Attached to the dress were a pair of bloomers. They were attached on the inside of the dress and they were hanging near the little girls waist but she wasn't "wearing them" over her diaper like they were meant to be worn. All of the moms had a good chuckle over it.

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce, Sarah's mom. I am just reading your postings which I love by the way and when I got to this one I just had to laugh. After our Sarah had surgery, my husband quit his job to be her daily caregiver. Every morning I would get up early and quietly go to work and some nights when I came home I could not believe what Sarah was wearing. Sometimes I wasn't even sure how he got her into some of the outfits he put together.

John is absolutely adorable. Congratulations to you, your wife and family on his arrival.