Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Daddy's Boy!

John's week begins with church on Sunday morning, and then again on Sunday evening. After the evening service, we have supper together as a church family. It is a great time of getting to know people as well as getting a good meal. It is also a good time for John to make the rounds with the many available baby holders. One would think that the ladies and teen girls would be the ones waiting to hold baby John but not John.

Even though he gets his share of female holding, John responds well to the guys. So the other night when one of the young guys was holding him while Joy was feeding him, we weren't that surprised.

On Monday mornings, John and I sometimes meet some of the men for breakfast. And again, everyone there has gotten to know John as he is not a baby that you can ignore easily. One of the reasons that he makes it difficult to ignore him is that he is a very interactive baby. He talks to everyone that will talk to him....and to some that won't talk to him. It seems like the more people there are, the more John like it.

And he is beginning to make more sounds that just baby gibberish. I am proud to say that John has started with the dadadadada verbiage. So if anyone has any question about him being a Daddy's boy, all they have to do is to listen to him for a while.


Cathy said...

Lily started with the dadadadadada thing too. I'm guessing that way back in the day before a daddy was called a daddy, some man thought...hmmmmmm...one of the first syllable out of my child's mouth is 'da'...I'm going to call myself Dad. Dads have been proudly announcing their children's first words ever since.

OK...hope that came across in the teasing manner I meant it too :0) LOL

It's time for me to go pick up my daughter who is calling me from her crib by saying dadadadadada

Tausha said...

That is so funny as Sam is starting to do more baby gibberish as well and saying dadadadada. I wasn't sure if it was just me but now that i read your blog and they are close to the same age I think he is saying dadadadada. I was so excited to hear it although I wish it were mamamama. Anyway, he is a Daddy's boy big time!!!

Monica @ Monkey Musings said...

I'm sure it's music to your ears! I'm still waiting for "Mama" but will gladly take dah dah and bah bah for now.

TUC said...

John is just about the same age as Kimani and she too is a daddy's baby... da da da da. I cried the first time I heard her make that sound.

Monica said...

Adam is still totally a Daddy's boy, unless he is tired or not feeling well, then only I will do:) Adam has always loved "guys" too!! When he was a baby I thought it was the lower tone of their voices. Even now when we watch American Idol (his favorite show) he only likes the "guys". When a female sings, he'll groan and say "uggg not a girl!!!" I pretend to be hurt (feelings) and he'll say "I like you though mom" and then name all the girls he likes :) I'm sure once he is a teenager we'll miss these days!!