Friday, February 13, 2009

The Road to Recovery Gets Bumpy

John had been doing well earlier this week with just a touch of cough yet having a good appetite. In fact, his appetite for solids have increased greatly over the past 2 weeks while we have seen his desire for breast milk decrease. This is what we expected from our other children at this age but we weren't sure if it would go the same way for John. We are pleased to say that it has...up until a couple of days ago when he refused to drink or eat anything.

He then started coughing a little bit more for which we are still using the inhaler and he became very cranky and discontent. I knew he was hungry by the way he sucked on his hands and my finger but he still refused to swallow any milk and would spit out any solid food that we put in his mouth.

So this afternoon, I took him to check in his ears and sure enough, one of them was infected....and thankfully only one. So for the first time in his young life, at the age of 6 1/2 months, he is taking his first antibiotic. Maybe by the end of the weekend, he will feel like eating again which he really needs and I'm sure wants to catch up as he has lost just shy of 1 pound since this all started a couple of weeks ago.

But I feel that we are out of the woods with his cough. Speaking of cough, even though he had all the symptoms of RSV, he tested negative for the virus which is not totally accurate. It is an antigen test and dependant upon whether or not they get antigen in the vial to test. Anyway, we are glad the worst is behind us. Only one of our others had RSV as a baby and I had forgotten how rough it can be.


Angela said...

Oh, I am so sorry. It is so hard when our kids are sick, but especially a special needs child. I will be praying for his little body and that you guys get some rest. :)

Beverly said...

I will keep baby John in my prayers.

Ruby's Mom said...

I've been praying for John.Hope he is completely well soon.

NayNay said...

I am praying for you guys. I pray God will encourage all of you as you persevere through everyday. You have a great family! I love you lots, little brother!

Jeanette said...

Poor little John. He is having a tough run these days. I am praying for his recovery. Hopefully the antibiotics kick in soon.