Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pictures of John

John is now 5 and is a very active little boy who is acting more like my other children every day. He is now 90% potty trained and loves playing with his friends at preschool and his brothers and sisters.

He loves playing in the dirt and mud and also loves working puzzles and reading books. I am amazed more everyday at how he is more like my other children than he is different. 


Becca said...

He's 5??? Wow, the time really flies. Glad to hear this update, as always. I know daily blogging isn't for everyone, but even these occasional posts are appreciated. :-) Just curious, what have been your biggest challenges? Your biggest rewards? I'm doing a Q&A on my blog this week, and have a few questions of my own!

JaybirdNWA said...

Some of our biggest challenges have been:
1)learning to adjust to his time table.
2) treating him the same as our others and not showing him special treatment.
3) potty training.
4) to put weigh on him early on

Some of our biggest rewards have been:
1) hearing him say "mommy" and "daddy" for the first time.
2) when he first rolled over
3) potty training
4) realizing that our boy can learn. (we always thought that he could learn and refused to entertain any other notion, but when he learned to walk, count, name his colors in both English and Spanish and potty train, we knew that he could learn just like the other children but just at his own pace).

boo4baby said...

And he has added so much life to the whole Hill family! Love that boy!

Cheryl said...

Hi Jay! I hope things are well with you and your family!