Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Teeth and eating table foods

Getting teeth is something that has taken longer than expected for John. John began getting teeth after his first birthday, which is considered to be delayed for children getting teeth. He got his bottom front two teeth in first which is the normal progression for getting teeth. He then cut the top front two teeth which is also a pretty normal progression. After the front top and bottom, he then cut the top side teeth but then has stalled We are still waiting for the bottom side teeth to fill in, however he has started chewing on things on that side of his mouth. So we wait in anticipation they will come.

As he got more teeth, his ability to eat a variety of foods from the table broadened. However, he is very picky about the textures of foods and refuses to eat most table foods that our other children were eating very well at this age. Although he likes and eats some table foods, he still relies pretty heavily on jar baby food for nutrition. His meals consists of:

Brown Cow Yogurt this is a high calorie/high fat yogurt
#2 Jar food with any kind of meat
Whole milk in a bottle
Pizza (he loves to eat pizza with the others)
Chic-fila fries and chicken nuggets
Whole bananas
Potato chips
Diced fruit

We are constantly adapting to John's time as we are so programmed for milestones to happen just as we have seen from our other children. But we are continually learning that just as each child is different, John is no exception. Although his differences are a little more pronounced and often times ask us to step outside of our comfort zone. We are learning, however that when we do step away from what we accept as "the norm" for child development and work with him where he is, then he grows and matures just like my other four children - just at a slower pace.

We believe the Lord causes all things to work together for good to those that love him and we are challenged by God's gift (John) to us to "slow down" and stop pushing so hard.

May those of us with Ds children and non-Ds children as well learn to "slow down" and be content with a slower pace. Thanks for reading.

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