Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thank you "Santa"

As we travel our individual paths of life set before us, we all have different experiences that mold and teach us. The goal of life often becomes confused with personal achievement and the hording of material possessions. But sometimes, there are little reminders that come our way that remind us of the importance of the relationships we have with one another. Yesterday that happened to our family.

I have often said and have maintained the belief that we are a blessed family. That blessing is not because of good income, a nice house, cars to drive, a nice school for the kids to attend, plenty of food to eat, etc. but because of the loving and supportive relationships we have with family and friends.

Yesterday, that love and support came in the form of Christmas packages on our front porch. When we got in yesterday from work and school, there were packages of gifts and homemade candies that someone left on our front porch that were individually wrapped. Each gift came with a tag that told who they were to but only said that they were all from "Santa". So Santa, if you read this blog - THANK YOU!!

May we all be reminded this Christmas of the importance of relationships in our lives. And the most important relationship being that God loved us so much that He gave His only Son to die for you and for me.


Jeanette said...

How amazing is that? God is great indeed!

Andy and Ellen Stumbo said...

:) It brings a smile to my face. It is really God's love being poured out through people.

boo4baby said...

That is so neat! Can't wait to see you on Christmas Eve! Love you!

wicho696 said...

Thats is awesome! Gods love is enough for Christmas. Gods blessings always outlast material possessions. And some of those blessings are definately friends and family!